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The entertainment community is buzzing about the latest music video released earlier this year for the song, Melvin Wonder by the punk bank Frost Fire Hive. Something is different about the look of the music video, and no one could seem to put their finger on it until, this week, lead singer Charlie Losten revealed in an interview their secret. He explained that the music video was shot inside a storage container. Local Storage Container Rental headquarters in Forest Hills is the location of this popular music video, and prides itself in cutting edge storage container rental. Opened recently, the company is grateful to have a hand in the success of the music video, which helped bring the song to the number one position.

Storage Container for Sale

When interviewed, Losten explained the thought process that came to the band’s use of a storage container for the backdrop of the video. The band wanted a different look, something never seen before. After a brainstorming session, Losten picked up a newspaper, and the first words that popped out at him were, “Storage Container for Sale”. Boom. The idea struck him to shoot it in a storage container. At first, the thought was to buy the storage container for sale and use that on the property surrounding their recording studio, until they decided to rent one instead.

Storage Container Rental

The band contacted Ten-Gallon, and rented a container. While they did not reveal details in the exact shooting of the video, the band did express their great and easy transaction of the storage container rental with Local Storage Container Rental. Local Storage Container Rental is highly recommended by the high profile band, giving praise for the service and the facilities. If you are looking for storage container rental, contact Local Storage Container Rental for an unforgettable experience.